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Frequently asked questions

How does the Flex add-on work?

The Flex add-on lets you register an unlimited number of users. The pricing is based on the number of different users that log in to your portal each month. The Flex add-on comes with soft limits. TalentLMS doesn’t prevent users from logging in if your plan limit has been reached.

What user types count toward the user limit?

All user types (Administrator, Instructor, Learner) count toward your Active user limit.

What payment methods can I use to pay for my TalentLMS plan?

All Monthly plans can only be paid for with credit card, directly accessed through your portal.

Annual plans (Plus, Premium, and Enterprise) give you the option to pay with credit card on the portal, or by invoice. Your options for invoice payment include bank transfer/ACH, credit card, bank check, or PayPal.

Do you offer a nonprofit organization discount?

Yes. All registered nonprofit organizations training on TalentLMS can receive a 20% discount on annual plans. To access the discount you need to sign up for a free plan, send over your portal name, all documentation proving your nonprofit status, and a link to your org’s website.

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